Tapping the Wisdom of Crowds

Tapping the Wisdom of Crowds

What if you could predict the future?

Whenever I ask folks that question, I tend to get answers like “I’d go to Vegas and make a killing at roulette” or “I’d buy all the right stocks on the stock market.”  Without fail, the answers I get deal with making money.

Though you’ve probably never thought about it this way, your ability to make money as a researcher also comes down to your ability to predict the future.   Your clients, internal or external, pay you to predict which of their new product ideas will sell the most, or which advertising concept will have the greatest impact on brand awareness, or which packaging and design concept will move the most product.  Much of the value you provide as a researcher comes down to your ability to make accurate predictions about the future that your clients can’t make themselves.

Tapping the Wisdom of Crowds


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