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New Research for Online Surveys – Multitasking and the Modern Respondent

New research from SSI covering the US and the UK finds almost one in five respondents are doing “something else” at the same time as taking the survey. There is no cultural dimension to this. Both Brits and Americans multitask at the same rate.

The number one “something else” is watching TV. Almost half of multi-tasking survey takers (46%) are watching TV. But here comes the first cultural difference. Almost no Brits watch TV and do surveys at the same time. Only 2% of those multitasking in the UK said they were watching TV. In the US this rises to a staggering 56%!

The turn-around comes with the number two activity: surfing the Internet. This comes a distant second with only 13% overall doing this, but it is much more a UK thing than an American one. A quarter of UK multitaskers are doing this in addition to the survey, compared to only 10% of Americans.

Just less than one in ten are texting or emailing (both in the UK and the US) and just slightly fewer are chatting to someone in person.

So where are they when they take their survey? The vast majority are at home – just under nine out of ten – mostly at their own home, but also at others’. Six per cent of Americans were completing the survey while at work, compared to only 1% of the British.

And the environment? For the majority (72%) they would class it as “somewhat quiet” through to “extremely quiet”. Only a very small minority (2%) said they were in a loud environment.

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